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 [Recovery Image] Amon Ra 1.5.0 released

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PostSubject: [Recovery Image] Amon Ra 1.5.0 released   Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:01 am

Amon Ra has released another updated version of his recovery image. Below is a copy of the features, the changelog and a direct link
Source :Original web page

full ADB access in recovery mode
Busybox v1.15.2
HW-Key navigation (volume keys + CALL-ANSWER) option
Extended menu (with keyboard-shortcuts):
[HOME+Back] Reboot system now :: reboot your phone
[Alt+X] Go to console :: bring up the console
[Alt+T] USB-MS Toggle :: enable/disable USB mass storage (use when the phone is connected to your PC)
[Alt+B] Backup/Restore (recovery partition not included!)
[Alt+0] Nand backup :: Make a Nand backup
[Alt+1] Nand + ext backup :: Make a Nand + ext backup
[Alt+2] Nand restore :: Restore a Nand backup
[Alt+3] BART backup :: Make a BART backup (Nand + ext)
[Alt+4] BART restore :: Restore latest BART backup
[Alt+F] Flash zip from sdcard :: Flash a zip update file from your sdcard
[Alt+W] Wipe
[Alt+0] Wipe data/factory reset :: Wipe /data and /cache
[Alt+1] Wipe Dalvik-cache :: Wipe Dalvik-cache both on /data and ext
[Alt+2] Wipe SD:ext partition : Wipe the ext partition on your sdcard
[Alt+3] Wipe battery stats : Wipe the battery stats in /data
[Alt+4] Wipe rotate settings : Wipe the sensor settings in /data
[Alt+P] Partition sdcard
[Alt+0] Partition SD :: Interactive SD partitioning
[Alt+1] Repair SD:ext :: Repair the ext partition
[Alt+2] SD:ext2 to ext3 :: Convert ext2 to ext3
[Alt+3] SD:ext3 to ext4 :: Convert ext3 to ext4
[Alt+O] Other
[Alt+0] Fix apk uid mismatches :: Does extacly that
[Alt+1] Move apps+dalv to SD :: Moves all apps and Dalvik-cache to sdcard (This will NOT enable apps2sd!)
[Alt+2] Move recovery.log to SD :: Moves the recovery log file to your sdcard. (Use when you want more detailed recovery log information)
Scripts available from console :
Nandroid v2.2.1 : enter "" to start.
BART v1.0.1 (Backup and Restore Tool) : enter "utility" to start. V1.1 : enter "switchrom" or "u" to start.
sdparted v0.6 : enter "sdparted" to start.

Change-log :

- Fixed the issue where Nandroid would freeze when returning to recovery from console by using the "recovery" command.
- Fixed Nandroid/BART backup issues.
- Updated Nandroid to v2.2.1 (ext support!).
- Added a "Nand + ext backup" menu-item.
- Removed the "Nandroid restore no recovery" menu-item, and set it as default for Nandroid.
- Nandroid and BART menu items will not backup or restore the recovery partition by default.
- Removed the mdt6 patch from the kernel, so no more splash1+2 backup/restore support.
- Updated init.rc to only load /sbin in PATH.
- Removed the loading cramfs and sqf filesystems from fstab.
- Added an unmount script that is called at the start of most scripts.
- Updated the BKMO-utility script to it doesn't backup/restore the recovery partition + changed the return to recovery command.

Latest :
- MD5Sum: cb451fa18854c85eaca2fbc33f0e1d95
Amon Ra Image Link
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[Recovery Image] Amon Ra 1.5.0 released
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