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 Manually updat droid 2.0.1.

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PostSubject: Manually updat droid 2.0.1.   Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:11 pm

Copy "update" file to the root of your SD card ?zwrmtivgzky

Power off your DROID and power back on while holding the X key on the keypad.
When you see a "/!\" symbol, press both vol+ and camera.

Use the dpad to select the SD UPDATE.ZIP (2 option i think)

Wait until the progress bar goes all the way.

When it's done hit the Dpad button up top it says to hit it to reboot now (1st option I think).

This is a quick way to update instead of waiting on vzw random ota update to your phone.

I just upgraded mine(so it does work) now im on the new 2.0.1 os

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Manually updat droid 2.0.1.
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