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  Fast Clean – Boost & Optimize v3.1.5

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PostSubject: Fast Clean – Boost & Optimize v3.1.5    Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:54 pm

Fast Clean – Boost & Optimize v3.1.5
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher

This free garbage cleaning tool was chosen by million people of twelve countries, contains no AD.It can boost the phone and make the it processes swifter, more clear and efficient, it can also improve the phone property and make your device clear again if you use it everyday.
Since Fast Clean burned in 2010, it has been stand steadily in top 50 of the electric market, and top 10 of the tools. It was loved by the users on the clean, simple and easy used, very small internal memory.

Reasons to choose us:
1.Compact and Convenient
Our APK is only less than 2MB, saving your Android device's RAM and storage.
2.Great clean effect
Our abundant Junk database contains thousands of APPs. Efficient and Fast.
3.Speed Up
we can terminate useless process and accelerate your Android device for more than 30%.
4.App management

We help you manage your App in your phone and let you know exactly how storage occupied by

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Fast Clean – Boost & Optimize v3.1.5 v3.5.0 APK Download
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Fast Clean – Boost & Optimize v3.1.5
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