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PostSubject: HOW-TO MD5SUMs   Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:29 am

When downloading a new ROM that you would like to flash, it is always possible for corrption to occur. Either in the download itself or in storing it to the SD card. In order to address this issue, most ROMs put out by developers also include an MD5SUM for that ROM. This MD5SUM is used to verify that all of the bits in the file came across right.
Below are instructions on how to verify if the file that you have on your SD card on the phone is not corrupted.. These instructions assume that the file is located at the root of the SD card (as would be needed for flashing ROMs but not necessarily for Recovery Images).
All lines will automatically start witht the $ symbol, you need not type this in. Every line ends by pressing the enter key, do not include the quotation marks. The command to show a directory is ls (lower case L and lower case S). this is done in the example to make sure that you use the correct file name when calling the md5sum command.

Open Terminal Emulator
Type "cd /sdcard" and press Enter
Type "ls" and press Enter
This will provide a list of files at the root of the sd card.
Type "md5sum <filename>" substituting the name of the file listed in the ls command for <filename>.
An MD5SUM value will be calculated and displayed. Verify this value against what is published by the developer. If it is correct, go ahead and flash, if not try redownloading the file and repeat. If you continue to get a different MD5SUM value, try downloading it from a different (perhaps mirrored) site.

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